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Each year, awards are given at the final dinner of the Winter Workshop. Here are this year's awards:

The "Can I Get a Refund?" award
Jonathan Grudin for the deficiencies in his graduate education (noticed by Don Norman, his graduate advisor).
The "I've Never Done That Before" award
Leysia Palen for laughing about her subjects. "Really, it must be the altitude."
"Best Use of the Queen's English in a Talk"
Steve Whittaker (in absentia) and John Tang.
"Best Introduction"
Stu Card for his '76 video (starring Don Norman at a cocktail party)
"Best Tongue-Twister Title"
Michael Muller
"Most Effective Use of Technology in a Talk or Discussion"
Jonathan Grudin, Gayna Williams, and the Fisher Price Baby Monitor
"Best Actor in a Cameo Appearance"
Tom Landauer
"Regular HCIC Attendee Whose Presence Was Most Missed"
Tie: Wendy Kellogg & John Thomas
"Most Popular with the (Young) Ladies"
Michael Terry
"Most Physicist-Like Discussant"
Stu Card
The "Would You Like a Little Talk to Go With That Discussion?" award
Jonathan Grudin
"Lo-Fidelity Discussant Award"
Terry Roberts (for her slides in "Bill Joy" font)
"Next Best Collaborative Work Paradigm"
Distributed Jigsaw Puzzling
"Charles Lindbergh Award"
Peter Polson
"Surrealist Award for Using a Real World in a Virtual World in the Real World"
Shelly Farnham
"Most Likely to Tour with ZZ Top"
Michael Muller