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Each year, HCIC will sponsor two invited students for the Winter Workshop from each HCIC member university that pays full dues. Invited students' expenses are paid by HCIC.


After receiving an invitation, invited students must register at the HCIC web site as soon as possible, and no later than January 6, 2007. After registering, students will receive further instructions about obtaining a Travel Authorization Number and purchasing flights through HCIC's preferred travel agent. After making travel arrangements, invited students must update their registration with their travel itnirary.

Covered Expenses

Airfare or other transportation, ground transportation from Denver (DIA) to Snow Mt. Ranch, room, meals, and registration fees at the conference will be covered. Students are responsible for any transportation to the airport in their home state, meals in transit, and dinner on Friday night which is not part of the conference.


For transportation from the Denver airport to HCIC, we will make reservations for you on the Home James Shuttle and charge it directly to HCIC. As soon as you know your flight schedule, you must update your registration with your travel itinerary so that we can reserve your spot and arrange payment. When you arrive at the Denver International Airport, go to the Home James Desk (near the top of the stairs when you exit from the airport train). Inform them that you are traveling to the HCIC conference and give them your name. They will give you a ticket and tell you where to board the shuttle. Departures are at approximately 90-minute intervals from 9 am to 10 pm. For more information see the Home James web site. Note: If you take the Home James Shuttle, you must request a receipt from the driver for your expense report.

If you wish to use alternative transportation (e.g, rental car), you will be reimbursed up to the cost of transportation on the Home James service ($98). If students share a rental car, the reimbursement for each is applied (for example, two students will be reimbursed up to $196). Please let Karen Kitchen (kwk@umich.edu) know if you plan to use alternative transportation.

Receipts and Reimbursements

Students will need to submit receipts for transportation and other expenses, even if the expenses are paid directly from HCIC, including:

  • Airline boarding pass and receipt
  • Home James Shuttle receipt
  • Rental car receipts
  • Mileage claim (if driving to HCIC)

There will be individual envelopes given out at the Workshop. Anyone who booked their flights through the HCIC travel agent and took Home James can simply:

  1. Sign the enclosed travel authorization
  2. Add the Home James receipt and incoming boarding pass to the envelope
  3. Turn in the envelope to Sharon Mahoney at the conference

Those booking their own transportation (either car or plane) will need to add additional receipts when they return and send the already addressed envelope back with all receipts together.


Invited students share rooms (two people per room) at HCIC. If you have a roommate preference, you may specify it when registering. If you do not specify a roommate, you will be assigned one.

Family and Guests

If you wish to bring your family or other guests, you will be credited half the price of a room since students will be assigned two to a room. Contact Karen Kitchen (kwk@umich.edu) directly if you wish to bring a guest to determine the charges and the best payment method. Payment for guests will not be done on the registration web page.


Students are not allowed to present Papers at the HCIC Winter Workshop. Students are encouraged to submit boasters (see the call for participation for more information).

A Few Words from "The Committee"

We know none of you would even think of skipping talk sessions, but just in case, We will be explicit about expectations for behavior: Invited students are expected to attend all talk sessions and group dinners. There is a long lunch break for cross country skiing and other activities each day and Friday afternoon is free for skiing. Skipping sessions so that you can have a full day on the slopes is not considered good behavior and is duly noted.