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Program Committee

Robin Jeffries Google

Scott Klemmer, Stanford University

Elizabeth Mynatt, Georgia Tech

20 Years of HCIC: Building on the past, looking to the future

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the HCI Consortium. During the past two decades, the HCIC Winter Workshop has focused on many of the themes that were or became important in our field and in the world: design, collaborative work, ubiquitous devices, presence, identity, search, mental models, and more. How can HCIC define and contribute to the next generation of themes for our field? What are the research paradigms that will provide the soil for the next two decades of innovations to grow?

This year, let's take the time to reflect and develop our approaches, methods, grand challenges, and driving problems. What fundamental changes should our field undertake? Should our areas of concern remain largely the same or change? While there are many venues for reporting research results, the intimacy and tradition of HCIC uniquely position it as a forum to ask the question of what our broad research agenda and yardsticks should be. In this spirit, we invite submissions that propose grand challenges, question held assumptions, explore our values, and reflect on how we understand the impact of our work and tell our history to guide our future.

Some of the many topics we hope participants will take up include:

  • (How) Does our research program change as the number and variety of computing devices increases, and computing becomes more woven into the fabric of our everyday lives?
  • As a field, are there valuable insights we have forgotten?
  • How should we measure the contribution of our work?
  • What is the relationship between research and practice, and how do we distinguish the two?
  • When and how can academic and industrial research best collaborate?
  • And what role should different disciplines play in creating fundamental contributions in the coming decades?

We also welcome submissions for alternative formats, such as panels, to discuss the future of our field.


  • Monday, October 13, 2008: Papers and Panel Proposals Due
  • Monday, November 24, 2008: Acceptances - Authors Notified
  • Wednesday, January 7, 2009: Abstracts and Papers posted on website
  • Wednesday, February 4, 2009: Boaster papers due
  • February 4 - February 8, 2009: HCIC at the glorious YMCA camp

I. Major Papers

A major paper includes a presentation with 45 minutes allocated for the presentation followed by time for a 20-minute presentation by a discussant and 20 minutes of discussion by the group as a whole.

There is room for 12 major papers including an invited talk.

PLEASE NOTE THE ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA: All submissions will be reviewed by the program committee. Acceptance will be based on relevance to the theme. We also seek a balance between industry and academic papers and a preference for some balance in the distribution of papers from member organizations. Note that students are not eligible to present a major paper.

Each institution may submit multiple papers. The Program Committee will select among submissions according to the criteria above.


  1. A cover page with:
    • Title, name(s) and address(es) of authors/participants
    • A 50 word abstract
  2. A draft of the paper not more than 10 pages in CHI format OR a 2 page abstract

Deadline for Major Paper Abstracts: Monday, October 13, 2008

Directions for Submission:

Submissions must be submitted online in PDF format at the HCIC web page. Only the conference chair/s, the web master, and the HCIC coordinator, Becky O'Brien, will have access to the abstracts on the web until after paper acceptances. Authors of accepted papers will have the opportunity, until the revision deadline, to submit a revised version of their paper. After that date, the papers section of the web site will be available to those with either an IP address coming from a member organization, or a username/ password combo.

After acceptance notifications, full papers, revised papers, etc. should also be submitted directly to the website.

If you have any questions about uploading documents, contact the HCIC Webmaster, Ben Congleton at hcic.webmaster@umich.edu.

II. Boasters

A "Boaster" is an eight page or less paper. Boasters will be posted in their entirety at the HCIC web site, but only abstracts will be distributed at the conference. At the opening session of the meeting, all Boaster presenters will be asked to stand, announce their names and read the title and a 50 words abstract of their boasters or give a 2 minute overview. This procedure provides a valuable way of getting smaller papers and new authors - especially graduate students - to attend the conference and to interact with the attendees. Historically, we find that the resulting interactions have been beneficial for all concerned.


  1. A cover page with:
    • Title, author(s) (indicate those available to chat at meeting)
    • A one-word keyword
    • A 50 word abstract
  2. A paper of 8 pp or less.

Deadline for Boasters: Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Directions for Boaster Submission:

Boasters must be submitted online in PDF format at the HCIC web page. All boasters are automatically accepted. There is no review process.

If you have any questions contact the HCIC Webmaster, Ben Congleton at hcic.webmaster@umich.edu.

Creating PDF Files

If you do not have software available to create a PDF file, check out:

Presentation and Attendance Rules

The rules of the consortium state that only employees of member organizations may present major papers. Papers may have nonmember coauthors. However the board must approve either attendance or attendance and co-presentation. Obviously, invited speakers are exempt from this rule. Students are not eligible to present a major paper. However, they are strongly encouraged to submit a Boaster.

HCIC Online Paper Archives

All papers and boasters will be posted and archived on the HCIC web site. Additionally, we request that authors and discussants submit their slides to be posted online. Access to the HCIC website and paper archive is limited to member organizations (through IP address or password authentication). The HCIC web site is not indexed by public search engines. If you have any questions or concerns about the online papers archive, please contact Becky O'Brien.