Program Committee

Laura Dabbish (, and Michael Muller (

Submission types: papers · boasters

I. Social Computing: Current and Future Directions

Social media are transforming the way we live and work, important in the overlapping spheres of work, home, civic, and mobile life and experience. Research and practice in the area of social computing is helping us make sense of and leverage the opportunities these new ways of interacting provide. This work has recently included studies of predicted and emergent behavior in social networks and communities; modeling of individuals, groups, and topics in one or more networks; development of novel social software and interaction techniques for new service concepts; development and analysis of new organizational forms such as peer-production online communities and crowd-sourced work flows; and exploration of the actual and potential user of social media in situations of emergencies, disruptions, and even revolutions.

HCIC 2012 will consider current and future directions in social computing. Questions of interest include but are not limited to: What key factors have brought us to our current uses and understandings of social media? Where are we now? Where will social media take us? What could happen in the future of social media? What outcomes should we avoid?

We invite you to submit a position paper of up to 10 pages (ACM format) for presentation at the workshop. Papers may report qualitative or quantitative research results relevant to the theme, review theory or research relevant to the theme, introduce new theory, overview tutorials on relevant topics, or offer opinions about future research directions. Please consult with us if you have other ideas. Authors of papers selected for presentation at the workshop will be expected to give a 45 minute presentation on the topic of their submission followed by discussion. We ask interested parties to submit papers proposed for presentation by April 10th, after which we will work with the submitters to put together a program that will be instructive, reflective, and inclusive.

Submission format: ACM HCI Archive Format (CHI Paper Format)

Important Dates

  • Paper abstract due date (optional, for feedback): 3 April 2012
  • Paper submission due date: 10 April 2012
  • Acceptance notification: ~30 April 2012
  • HCIC Workshop: 25-29 June 2012

II. Boasters

We invite you to submit a boaster for HCIC 2012. A "Boaster" is an eight page or less paper. Boasters will be posted in their entirety at the HCIC web site, but only abstracts will be distributed at the conference. At the opening session of the meeting, all Boaster presenters will be asked to stand, announce their names and read the title and a 50 words abstract of their boasters or give a 2 minute overview. This procedure provides a valuable way of getting smaller papers and new authors - especially graduate students - to attend the conference and to interact with the attendees. Historically, we find that the resulting interactions have been beneficial for all concerned.


  1. A cover page with:
    • Title, author(s) (indicate those available to chat at meeting)
    • A one-word keyword
    • A 50 word abstract
  2. A paper of 8 pp or less.

Deadline for Boasters: Sunday, 24 June 2012 (you may upload a boaster after this date, but it will not be part of the printed conference materials)

Directions for Boaster Submission:

Boasters must be submitted online in PDF format at the HCIC web page. All boasters are automatically accepted. There is no review process.

If you have any questions contact the HCIC Webmaster at

Presentation and Attendance Rules

The rules of the consortium state that only employees of member organizations may present major papers. Papers may have nonmember coauthors. However the board must approve either attendance or attendance and co-presentation. Obviously, invited speakers are exempt from this rule. Students are not eligible to present a major paper. However, they are strongly encouraged to submit a Boaster.

HCIC Online Paper Archives

All papers and boasters will be posted and archived on the HCIC web site. Additionally, we request that authors and discussants submit their slides to be posted online. Access to the HCIC website and paper archive is limited to member organizations (through IP address or password authentication). The HCIC web site is not indexed by public search engines. If you have any questions or concerns about the online papers archive, please contact Lai Tutt.