HCIC 2016: Connected Life

June 26th - 30th 2016, Pajaro Dunes, Watsonville, California

2016 Program Chairs:

Rogerio de Paula, IBM Research
Shaun Kane, University of Colorado Boulder

Submission types: abstracts | boasters

I. Connected Life

The proliferation of connected devices with vastly different sizes, form factors, and modes of interaction is providing new challenges in the area of HCI, and offering new perspectives on historic issues.

The theme of HCI 2016 is our interaction with "connected" objects, broadly defined. This definition includes smart devices in the home, on clothing, and in the body, swarm networks, the Internet of Things, as well as emergent and fundamentally new perspectives on our interactions with smart objects in our environment.

While this topic may initially seem to be mostly technical, we invite contributions from a wide variety of perspectives, addressing the various ways that connected devices may intersect with our lives. Some sample topics include:

We aim to construct a broad program that supports lively discussion and sharing of diverse perspectives. Our perspective of "connected life" will not be limited to typical IoT technologies, such as, smart lightbulbs and step-tracking bracelets. Rather, we hope to solicit thoughtful critique of the changing roles of physical and digital artifacts in our lives. We especially welcome submissions that provide new perspectives on recent developments in technology, and those that challenge assumptions about these emerging technologies. Controversial topics, fierce (but well argued) challenges, and thoughts on the future of connected devices are strongly encouraged.

To propose a presentation, submit a 2-3 page extended abstract discussing your idea. The standard presentation format is a 45-minute talk followed by a 10-minute discussant response period, and then 35 minutes of open discussion. Topics should be appropriate for this format. Feel free to consult with us about your ideas.

The rules of the consortium state that only employees of member organizations may submit abstracts for this call. Abstracts may have non-member coauthors, but the board must approve attendance or co-presentation. Students are not eligible to submit abstracts. However, they are strongly encouraged to submit boasters.

We ask interested parties to submit presentation abstracts by Friday, March 18 at 11:59pm 2016 PST to hciccommittee@umich.edu, after which we will work with the submitters of promising abstracts to put together a program that will be instructive, reflective, and inclusive.

Deadline: Fri, Mar 18th, 2016 @ 11:59pm PST
Notification of acceptance: Fri, Apr 8, 2016
Format: ACM HCI archive format
Length: 2-3 page
Submit to: hciccommittee@umich.edu

II. Boasters

A "boaster" is a position paper that describes your most current research endeavor and/or interest as means to create dialogues between like-minded people. A list with boaster titles, authors and abstracts will be distributed at the conference, and the full text of the paper will be available at the HCIC website. These papers provide an opportunity to showcase the work of new and experienced authors alike. We strongly encourage all student attendees to submit a boaster to HCIC, as boaster authors will have opportunities across the conference to discuss their work with other attendees through a new interactive format for 2016.

Directions for Boaster Submission:

Boasters must be submitted online in PDF format at the HCIC web page that will go live in March. All boasters are automatically accepted. There is no review process.

If you have any questions contact the HCIC Webmaster at hcic.webmaster@umich.edu.

Presentation and Attendance Rules

The rules of the consortium state that only employees of member organizations may submit items in response to this call. Abstracts and boasters may have non-member coauthors. However the board must approve attendance or co-presentation. Students are not eligible to submit an abstract; they are strongly encouraged to submit a boaster.

HCIC Online Paper Archive

All presentation abstracts and boasters will be posted and archived on the HCIC web site. Additionally, we request that authors and discussants submit their slides to be posted online. Access to the HCIC paper archive is limited to member organizations through IP address or password authentication. The online paper archive of the HCIC web site is not indexed by public search engines. If you have any questions or concerns about the online papers archive, please contact Todd Stuart (hcic-admin@umich.edu).

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