Human Computer Interaction Consortium

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Theme The Future and History of HCI
Location Lake Lawn Resort, Delavan WI
Date June 16 - 20, 2024

Registration will open in Mid-April and closes on May 12, 2024. Registration questions may be directed to the HCIC administrator at

The Human-Computer Interaction Consortium was founded in 1988 as a means of fostering interaction among universities, companies, and government research laboratories interested in promoting academic training, basic and applied research, and technology transfer in the area of Human-Computer Interaction.

Membership is by organization and only employees of member organizations are eligible to participate in the activities of the consortium. Institutions interested in becoming a member should inquire with the officers.

In 2023, HCIC adopted a policy to expand access to its annual meeting to students and postdoc, faculty, researcher, or other guests from non-member institutions.

The Annual Conference is organized around a theme each year and may feature invited speakers on the topic. The event is held at a "retreat" venue, usually away from large cities or member organization campuses/headquarters.

The Human-Computer Interaction Consortium (HCIC): A History by Gary Olson . The primary author of this history was Gary Olson, but many others offered important input, since much of this history has had to be reconstructed from memories rather than a wealth of documents. Those who have added substantially to this have been Martha Polson, Don Norman, Judy Olson, Terry Roberts, Gerhard Fischer, and Clayton Lewis.

Yunan Chen and Bilge Mutlu
Officers, Board of Governors
Meredith Lowe
HCIC Administrator
Vaibhav Nitnaware
HCIC Webmaster