Theme The Futures of Work
Location Pajaro Dunes, Watsonville, CA
Date June 23 - 27, 2019
Discussant Abstracts
The good jobs are next: Speculating on labour, markets, technologies and work
Presenters: Sawyer et al. (Syracuse University)
Discussant: Helena Mentis (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)
The future of (vocational work): Perceptions and skilling towards an automation enabled future
Presenters: Divy Takkar et al. (Google, Georgia Tech & Washington)
Discussant: Lynn Dombrowski (IUPUI)
Human-AI collaboration in data science, workplace and healthcare in the future
Presenters: Dakuo Wang et al. (IBM)
Discussant: Gillian Hayes (UC Irvine)
The future of information work: Managing more complex, heterogeneous and abundant information
Presenters: Gloria Mark (UC Irvine)
Discussant: Dan Russell (Google)
Designing people-centred algorithmic workplaces
Presenters: Min Kyung Lee et al. (CMU)
Discussant: Mark Whiting (Stanford)
Ahataraki-kata kaikaku: Supporting worker productivity and well-being amid a demographic shift
Presenters: Matthew Lee (FXPAL)
Discussant: David Lee (UC Santa Cruz)